Little Flower Playgroup


Welcome to our  website. Little Flower Playgroup has been providing high quality pre-school education in the Glebe area of Sion Mills and surrounding areas since 1988/89 and can accomodate 24 children with provision for special needs. Our dedicated and highly qualified staff will ensure that your child is given the best possible start in their their early years education in all areas of the pre-school curriculum. We invite you to browse through our website and see what our provision for 3 and 4 year old children can offer your child in their early years development. Please feel free to leave your comments as these are very important to us. Please sign our guestbook and add to the history of our playgroup. We would particularly like to hear from those who have attended our facility in past years. We would also like to hear from parents who may wish to express their opinions on our provision of pre-school education in the community since our beginning.




Contact us at:

28 Peacock Road, Glebe, Sion Mills Co. Tyrone BT82 9NW 

Tel: 028 81658950





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