Little Flower Playgroup



Little Flower Playgroup is a Cross-Community Playgroup situated on the outskirts of Sion Mills and just 2 miles from Strabane. The newly refurbished facility is equipped to cater for Special Needs and reserves a place until the end of September. It is registered with Western Health and Social Care Trust and is serviced by our Early Years Specialist. Our staff are experienced, highly qualified and are very competent in delivering the N.I. Pre-School Curriculum. Parents are given reports throughout the year.

Sessions run 2½ hours, 5 mornings a week 09.30 - 12noon and a Health Promoting snack is provided.

The group operates the same holidays as the local Primary School, St. Theresa’s in so far as this is possible. A list of playschool holidays is provided at the beginning of the year and any exceptions, e.g. staff training etc will be notified to parents as soon as they become available.


Little Flower Playgroup opened in 1988/89 as a little ‘acorn’ offering a much needed playgroup facility to the pre-school children of the local area, Glebe. Since then it has grown and extended its services well beyond the immediate catchment area. It has been refurbished and updated on numerous occasions in order to meet the needs of the children it serviced, the requirements of growing legislation over the years as well as the demands of many bodies who inspect/supervise and otherwise oversee Pre-School Education today. It is bright, spacious, modern and very well resourced. We are registered with the Western Health and Social Care Trust and we are also affiliated with Early Years, the organisation for young children in Northern Ireland, from whom we engage an Early Years Specialist to oversee the programme of work being delivered. All of these afore-mentioned bodies regularly inspect our facility and provide a quality assurance report, thus ensuring that all the required standards are being met. On our most recent DENI inspection (May 2011) we received the highest grade, 'outstanding', an exceptional result which is not given lightly or often.The full report is available on the internet, The centre is managed by a Committee of seven plus the Playgroup Leader.


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