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Little Flower Playgroup has policies on all aspects of Pre-School Education provision. Theses have been compiled by the Committee and Staff and are available to all parents. Policies are displayed at all times on the parent’s noticeboard and parents are advised to familiarise themselves with all policies.



At Little Flower Playgroup we are committed to creating a safe environment for children, which is free from abuse and where any suspicion of abuse is dealt with promptly and appropriately. We will comply with Health and Social Services Guidelines on Child Protection and the designated persons to deal with Child Protection issues in the early years setting are: Mrs. Eileen McCrossan and Ms. Danielle Coyle. In case of a parent or member of staff having a concern relating to child protection, the persons must contact; THE GATEWAY TEAM, 106 IRISH STREET, WATERSIDE, DERRY BT47 2ND Tel: 028 71314090 (See Pastoral Care Pack).



At Little Flower Playgroup we aim to provide a warm, friendly and secure environment for each child in the absence of their parents/carers. In order to accomplish a smooth settling-in transition we will ensure that parents/carers and their children are encouraged to visit the playgroup before admission to familiarise themselves with the group setting. Our playgroup offers phased intake to facilitate each child’s settling-in process and to allow staff and child to get acquainted. Parents/carers are welcome to stay as long as necessary to help staff settle the child. Should the transition be difficult, staff will support both parents/carers throughout the settling-in period. (See full policy)





If parents/carers wish to make a complaint, parents/carers should firstly speak to the Playgroup Leader. If the issue is not resolved or reoccurs the parent/carer should put their complaint in writing to the Playgroup Leader. If this fails to resolve the issue, a meeting may be requested with the Playgroup Committee and Leader (if appropriate) by writing to the Committee Chairperson, Mrs Leanne Speak. Should the parent/carer and playgroup fail to reach agreement, an external mediator may be invited to help resolve the issue. (See full policy)



At Little Flower Playgroup we are committed to promoting equality of opportunity by providing activities which are open to all children and their families. We aim to ensure that all individuals who wish to work in our playgroup as staff or volunteers have an equal opportunity to do so, regardless of religious affiliation, political background, race, culture, disability or age. (See full policy)



Little Flower Playgroup sets high expectations of behaviour through encouraging and praising good behaviour. We do this by applying simple rules fairly and consistently. Under no circumstances do we use any form of punishment. We encourage children to respect themselves, each other and property. We aim to provide a happy, caring environment with challenging activities. In the case of a particular incident or persistent unacceptable behaviour, we will always discuss ways forward with parents. (See full policy)



1.      Before your child starts playgroup we invite you to visit with your child to meet the staff and the other children and have a look around.


2.      When your child starts playgroup it is important to stay until he/she is well settled, as this is probably the first time for your child to be separated from you and it can be very stressful for the child. The playgroup operates a Keyworker system to help each child settle so that parent and child have someone specific to relate to and discuss any concerns or worries.


3.      Always tell your child when you are leaving them and reassure them that you will be back later to take them home.


4.      If you are feeling anxious about your child after you have left, you can always telephone and staff will be happy to report how your child is settling.


5.      Please tell staff if your child is on any medication or has any allergies. Special Educational Needs are also catered for; please discuss your child’s particular needs with the Playgroup Leader.



Play is a natural and very important part of a child’s development. A vast amount of knowledge about the world around us can be acquired through play. At playgroup the child makes new friends and learns to mix and socialise. Play is a great fun way to learn. A number of essential skills are learned including taking turns and sharing. A child also learns to respect the rights and needs of others. The learning activities which are presented to the child as play are structured in such a fashion as to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum whilst at the same time meeting the needs of the individual.



The curriculum is now laid down for all pre-school centres and a more detailed account of this may be obtained from: CCEA, 29 Clarendon Street, Belfast. BT1 3BG Tel: (028) 90261200



Develop large and fine motor skills through play. Develop skills such as running, climbing, catching and throwing etc. Develop a sense of space and freedom of movement; develop confidence in themselves through P.E. activities – e.g. climbing frame, bats, balls, hoops etc.


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